Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2016

Not gonna lie I’m feeling the January blues right now. The Christmas decorations are all gone, all the food in the fridge is boring again and all the things I ordered to help me get through the post-Christmas slump have stopped arriving. Not feeling that YAY NEW YEAR LET’S GO vibe just yet. However one of the things I love most about a new year is the new seasons of some of my favourite tv shows! To get me in the mood I thought I’d share a few which I’m really flipping excited about!



I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with PLL. When it first came on years ago I was obsessed! Watched it religiously during the first season, most of the second and had lost interest by season 3. It’s just not a show that I can watch week to week, I much prefer to binge watch it. So when Netflix UK got the rights to show it the day after the USA I began to catch up and got hooked all over again! However two episodes in and I’m not feeling it. I like it but I don’t love it. Quite the pattern with PLL it seems! Hopefully things get a bit more exciting and less predictable!


If you, like me, love anything pirate related then you need to watch this show. It’s a prequel of sorts to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson which focuses on the pirates of Nassau, New Providence Island AND IT’S SO GOOD. The first two seasons are on Amazon Video UK and with only eight episodes in season one and ten in season two, you’ll fly through them! Not sure when it’s hitting the UK but I’m so excited for it to come back! 


Something you might not know about me is that in the last couple of years I’ve become a real DC Comics convert. That’s largely due to how brilliant Arrow and The Flash have been because they are bloody brilliant. And now we’re getting a Flarrow spin off featuring some of the two show’s best characters (Hello I am 100% here for all of the Sara Lance that this show is going to give me) and it’s about time travel?! Sign me the hell up!


I’m a massive fan of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and as such I’ve already been heavily burned by the movie adaptation of this series (GOD DAMN THE MOVIE PRODUCERS FOR NOT GIVING US CITY OF GLASS) so my expectations for this series were mixed. On one hand I was giddy about a universe I love coming to life once again, on the other hand I was seriously wary because the trailers weren’t great and the network it’s on is seriously hit or miss. So far, two episodes in it’s missing. Badly. The part of me that was so excited for this adaptation has hope that it’ll get better! A tv series is very different to a movie and as such has time to grow and change so fingers crossed.

2. THE 100

Another one of my television loves. The premise of The 100 is that in the future humankind were forced to flee Earth to survive on a spacestation called The Ark. Years later The Ark can no longer sustain all the human lives aboard it so the government sends down one hundred of their juvenile delinquents to see if Earth is habitable. Yeah it's a lot better than I'm making it sound! Season 1 started off so slow but once it gained momentum it got so good! Season 2 was all kinds of epic and the long waited third season looks like it's going to be even better! It's got diversity, kickass females and awesome storytelling! What else do you want from a tv show?!


Outlander, Outlander, Outlander. What can I say about Outlander? Well firstly I freaking love it. LOVE. I first watched this show in summer of 2014 and fell instantly arse over elbow in love with it. I am so in love with it that I fail utterly at elevator pitching it! Mainly because it’s a doozy of a story! It’s touted as a time travel love story following the life of Claire Beauchamp, a WWII nurse who is torn from her life and husband in 1945 to 1743 where she meets Scottish highlander Jamie Fraser.  It’s so much more than a love story though! Love plays a big part but it’s about bravery, loyalty, adventure and so many more things! If you like shows like The Borgias, Game Of Thrones, Reign etc. this is one for you to check out! Season 2 airs in the USA in April of this year and Amazon Video UK will have the episodes to stream the very next day. This is one I’ll be staying up to midnight waiting for!

One thing that we've learned from this post is that I can't pitch for shit. If you wanna, watch the shows and let them speak for themselves! What tv are you excited for this year? Tell me in the comments! 

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