New Year, Same Me, New blog!

"I might only have one match. But I can make an explosion."

I've been feeling totally uninspired with my other blogs for the last six months. I've lost all motivation for writing about anything which makes me really sad. So a fresh start on a new blog, on a new platform might just be the ticket. Though this won't be a swish glossy blog with all the expectations I usually place on myself. Basically it's going to be an emotional dumping ground for whatever I feel like writing. I was toying with the idea of writing a diary this year a la Bridget Jones then thought a blog would do the exact same job :)

So here we are! 2016! I'll be honest, I don't have many hopes for this year. The last couple have been a bit tumultuous and I'm just hoping for a nice steady year this year.

However I do have a few personal goals (not resolutions, never resolutions because that's putting way too much pressure on myself) for 2016 that I'm optimistically hoping to achieve:

  • Write a little bit every day - I used to write every day! For hours and hours! Now I can't remember the last time I even looked at any of my stories. So even if it's just a quick scribble in my Notes app, I'll count it as a win.
  • Improve my makeup skills - I'm not too bad at makeup. I'm good enough for me but I want to be better. I know I can be and I'm excited to see where 2016 takes me with my aspiration to be a makeup artist!
  • Read at least one book a week - Along the same vein with the writing goal, I used to read shitloads of books. So many books! Now my life is like a book desert. It's taken me well over a year to finish the second Outlander book for christ's sake. I'm well ashamed of myself. This is gonna change this year for sure!
  • Post on Instagram more - I love posting photos on Instagram. It always gives me little warm fuzzies of validation (My top nine posts photo which is the feature image up top makes me allkinds of ridiculously happy). Okay I average about 25 likes a post but it still gives me such a wee boost that I need to make it a part of my regular routine for this year. I also want to maintain a theme on my Instagram because I'm a basic bitch who cares about that sort of thing.
  • Treat myself better - A worrying theme of last year and the year before was how I put people, some deserving and some not, before myself again and again. I did things, said things and stayed in situations that made me unhappy for the sake of others. While once in a blue moon this is okay and a nice thing to do, it happened far too often. So this year I'm going to take better care of myself. Whether that means saying no to that night out and staying in with my dog, watching Netflix or buying myself that gorgeous bag that's just a little bit too expensive but who the hell cares because #treatyoself. 
I'll need to make a point to come back and read this post in 2017 to see if I achieved any of this. A note to future me: don't stress because I know you will. All this stuff would be nice to accomplish but no sweat if it doesn't happen. As long as you're happy, healthy and the sky isn't falling down it's all going to be okay! I hope this year you learned to love yourself and be happy with who you are. Because you deserve it!

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  1. I started a new blog too. Here's hoping we both do better with it. Goals is a good word, I don't like the word resolution, I also need to get my goals post up but I'm just so lazy. ♥ HWY29

    1. We can cheerlead each other! When we lack motivation ;)
      Bloody love the name of your blog!

      Haha yeah I meant to get this up on the 3rd when I got back from Dublin but alas my lazy nature struck again! Better late than never :)

    2. Haha thanks, I had been watching Nashville and was like yes, I want to name my blog that, and 29 is just a number that comes up a lot for me. but yes we defiantely need to motivate each other to keep posting. Must just be January because i'm so behind. need to write up a bunch of stuff tonight.

  2. Me too! I've just re-booted an old blog of mine and am hoping to add a mix of everything, from work to makeup to events and travel. I'm quite excited!

    1. That's amazing! I love blogs with a mix of posts! Good luck with it!