New Look Wishlist!

One of my absolute favourite pastimes (i.e ways to procrastinate) is to surf various clothing websites and build up a mental shopping basket of stuff that I'm lusting after and that I definitely can't afford! And one of my others is reading blogger wish lists for specific shops! So I thought I'd share what's lurking in my New Look wishful thinking shopping basket!

It isn't a very long wishlist granted but it's a few things that have caught my eye and pieces that I want to implement into my SS16 wardrobe! My style used to be all about big skirts and bright colours but lately I've been really into my cool tones like greys, navy and khaki. I've also been trying to resist the bomber jacket trend because to me they're tacky af, but when I saw this suedette number below I'm pretty sure I had literal heart eyes! Another SS16 trend that I'm embracing is the denim pinafore, how cute would this look with the Minnie Mouse jumper and the leather backpack? 

What trends are you embracing this season? Or not embracing? Let me know in the comments :)

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