The Outlander Tag!

Outlander season 2 is a mere THREE WEEKS away from hitting the UK. Now if you haven't experienced the joy that is Outlander, I recommend you go straight to Amazon UK, get a 30 free day trial of Prime and binge watch it immediately. You won't regret it I promise!

If you need any further encouragement, check out this season 1 trailer that Amazon UK put out last year. It's my absolute favourite trailer for season 1 by far!

Outlander holds such a special place in my heart and I have so many happy memories because of this wonderful show. To celebrate season 2 I thought I'd do a little Outlander tag post! And my Outlander bestie Emily has helped me out by doing the tag along with me!

(Questions borrowed/adapted from It’s Leander’s The TV Show Tag)

- From 1-10 how obsessed are you?
Sarah: 9. Definitely 9. I haven't been 10 out of 10 obsessed with anything in years but 9 is me eating, breathing and sleeping a show! Which I do for Outlander!
Emily: 100 

- Do any of your friends watch Outlander?
Sarah: A few friends watch it but Emily is my Outlander partner in crime!
Emily: Not enough of them.

- How did you discover Outlander?
Sarah: Tumblr actually. I saw people posting about this pretty Scottish bloke and this show he was on so I had a sneaky little stream of the first episode to see what all the fuss was about!
Emily: My friend Helene!

- What was your first initial thought of the show and did it change after watching it?
Sarah: I thought it was about a bunch of male scots because that's all I'd seen on Tumblr. It vastly changed after watching because I realised that it was about this strong woman trying to survive and navigate life in this unknown time with the help of the aforementioned pretty Scot ;)
Emily: I had to watch episode one a few times before I got into it! It definitely took a couple of watches before I liked it. I think I started the first book after episode 1 or 2 because Helene raved so much about it. She's been reading the books for years and claims she mentioned them to me but I'm convinced not haha!

- Why do you like the show?
Sarah: Oh god, it's a little indescribable because I just love it so much and how to you condense that into a few paragraphs?! However one thing that I love is that the female gaze in this show is highly prominent, it's Claire's story and it eschews all the usual tropes that come with female storytelling in sci-fi/fantasy/medieval. I lack the eloquence required to explain why Outlander is so good for the female gaze but this article summarises it perfectly!
Emily: I don't have words for that!

- Who’s your favourite character?
Sarah: Claire. Without a doubt. She's so wonderfully strong, real and flawed. One of my all time favourite female characters.
Emily: Claire!

- Who’s your least favourite character?
Sarah: Laoghaire. Don't even get me started on that one.
Emily:  Laoghaire

- How would you kill off your favourite character?
Sarah: Preferably I wouldn't!
Emily: Old age.

- Who’s your crush?
Sarah: Jamie. JAMIE. J A M I E. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.
Emily:  Jamieeeeee!

- If you were to be a character, who would you be?
Sarah: Bree! Or Jenny!
Emily: Bree!

- What’s your favourite episode thus far?
Sarah: The wedding episode! Such a fantastically well made episode of television! Well written, well directed and phenomenally acted!
Emily: The wedding!

- What’s your favourite season?
Sarah: Well since season 2 isn't out out, I'm gonna have to say season 1 but I am bloody excited for season 2 to start. THREE WEEKS TO GO!
Emily: 8. Because there's 8 books and I want the show to go that far!

- Do you watch it when it airs or record/watch it on catch up?
Sarah: I'm usually up at midnight waiting for it to go live on Amazon Video UK or else I watch it as soon as I get up the next morning. It's still such a novelty to have a show in the UK less than 24 hours after it's aired in the USA!
Emily: At midnight or the next morning on Amazon Prime!

- Do you follow the cast on twitter?
Sarah: Yesssss. I follow Caitriona, Sam, Sophie and Rik! And I have Cait and Sam on mobile notifications so I don't miss any tweets!
Emily: Duh!

- What’s something that reminds you of Outlander?
Sarah: Anything and everything Scottish. Also every time I buy brie I wish it was the brie I had at the Outlander season 1 premiere last year, because it's the best brie I've ever tasted in my life.
Emily: Everything Scottish!

- Which one of the characters would you like to meet?
Sarah: I'd love to have a drink with Claire. I think she'd be a class drinking buddy!
Emily: I'd want to be BFFs with Jenny! But actor wise, Rik and Sophie please!

(FYI: We hadn't read each others answers before we filled out the tag. It's kinda scary how in sync we are about some stuff haha!)

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved putting it together! If you're an Outlander fan, answer the tag questions in the comments or make a blog post of your own and link me :)

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