Get To Know Me!

God the first week after a holiday is over is a complete drag isn't it? It's been a whole week since I got back from the USA and I'm flagging terribly. No french toast for breakfast every day and no awesome buildings to jazz up my insta feed with. What is even the point, eh? 

It's not as melancholy as all that but I'll admit I'm feeling a little blue. However throwing myself into writing my Disney and travel blog posts is cheering me immensely. These should be making their way onto my blog in the coming weeks but for now I've got a cheeky little tag post for you all . 

I saw this "Get To Know Me" tag on Shannice Alice a while ago and thought I'd give it a go to let you guys know a little more about me :)

What is your middle name?
Jayne. My full name is Sarah Jayne Louise Theresa McGrath. Quite a mouthful!

How old are you.

When is your birthday?
4th December.

Where are you from?
Northern Ireland. I've lived here all my life except when I went to London for university.

What is your favourite colour?
Toss up between hot pink and black.

How tall are you?

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs! I'm a complete dog person. I have a gorgeous wee miniature Jack Russell called Ben :)

How many countries have you visited?
9, which is far too few in my opinion. I must rectify this!

Favourite thing to do?
Apart from sleep?! ;) I love making memories. It's cheesy to say but I love having fun times with friends or family that I'm gonna cherish for years to come. I'm such a sap, I know!

Favourite flower?

Are you in/gone to college?
I went to university in London but am currently on a break due to personal reasons. I'm currently studying a Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing at my local college.

What was your favourite/worst subject in high school?
Favourite was English! I loved reading and writing stories and still do! And my worst was maths! Hated it!

What is your favourite drink?
Cosmopolitan or a gin & tonic.

What is your favourite animal?
Gonna be boring as hell and say dogs. I bloody love dogs. Can't walk past one without saying hello!

What is your favourite perfume?
Fantasy by Britney Spears. Which is very basic and boring I know but I love it a whole lot.

Tea or Coffee?
Both?! I love my coffee fix in the morning but I love a good cup of tea as well!

What would you name your children?
Sophie for a girl and Jamie for a boy.

What is your favourite book?
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. Hands down.

Favourite book series?
This is so hard. Narrowing it down to top 3: Harry Potter, The Princess Diaries and The Mortal Instruments. With an honourable mention to the Outlander books because even though I'm not finished the series yet, I LOVE IT.

What is your favourite movie?
Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. It's been my favourite film since the first time I stumbled across it on Sky Movies when I was thirteen.                              

What are some of your favorite tv shows?
Current faves: Outlander, Once Upon A Time and Arrow! Those are the top three right now. I used to be obsessed with cult favourites like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Supernatural but have drifted away from them. Although the latest season of GoT might have got me hooked all over again!
All time favourites: Friends, Gilmore Girls, Sex and The City, Full House, Boy Meets World, Torchwood.
I'm also an avid lover of British sitcoms. Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses etc. are some of my favourite pieces of television ever!

Do you speak any different languages and how well?
I learned French in school but I never went any further with it so I forgot most of it. I’d love to learn to speak it properly one day.

Do you have any siblings?
Nope! I'm an only child.

How would you describe your fashion sense?
Boring 😂 I used to be all about bright colours, red lipstick and leopard print. I still like all those things but now I find myself drifting towards more subtle pieces when it comes to what clothes I wear. For instance my favourite colour to wear at the moment is khaki green! I have a camo bomber jacket that I'm practically living in! So yeah I'm kind of boring fashion wise but I like my style and that's what matters 👍

What is your favourite restaurant?
Wagamama! Would live on their chicken katsu curry for the rest of my life if I could!

PC or Mac?
Mac! Always and forever. I switched from PC to Mac in 2010 and honestly I could never ever go back. Mac is my ride or die.

What phone do you have?
Gold iPhone 6S Plus.

Tell us one of your bad habits?
I'm a terrible procrastinator.  


Did any of my answers surprise you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. It's rare for me to find someone who is also 5.7" aswell lol. Great post. I love these getting to know me posts, it's a great way to get to fellow bloggers :)