Blogmas Day 7: My Favourite Christmas Films!

Literally one of the only good things about the absolute crap fest of weather that we get at this time of year that it’s the perfect excuse to get a fire going, get some hot chocolate and stick a film on while the apocalypse of winter rages on outside.

Christmas films are definitely on the menu when this sort of weather rears it’s ugly head. It’s practically mandatory once you hit about the second week in December. There are some absolute belters of seasonal films out there for the sampling and for Blogmas I thought I’d share some of my festive favourites!
Now these are just my personal faves so don’t lambast me if I’ve left some classics off the list!

1. The Holiday
2. Home Alone
3. The Santa Claus
4. Muppet Family Christmas
5. Jingle All The Away
6. Love Actually

Let me know some of your favourites in the comments? Do we have any the same? 


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  1. I love the Holiday. Good choices there. I love the TV movies, you know the proper predictable cheesy ones. HAYLEY // A Teal Soul

    1. Ooh which tv movies would you recommend? I'm always up for festive recs! x

    2. Christmas Cookies I liked and I've been waiting for it since march :) the one with Hilarie Burton in it, I watched that a couple years back and liked that one.