Blogmas Day 8: Advent Calendar Update

I've always wanted to get a beauty advent calendar but always held off on getting one for one reason or another! This year I had my eye on the Make Up Revolution one because they're one of my favourite brands and it was quite affordable! But 1st December came and I hadn't got one. Then I saw so many photos on Twitter of advent calendar updates and I caught a major case of FOMO. So I went onto Superdrug and ordered it! Well over a week late but who cares! Merry Advent Everyone!

So I thought I'd share the first eight day's worth of products for Blogmas!

I'll be totally honest, when it came to taking these photos, I'd totally forgotten the order that they came in. It would have taken seconds to research the order but I thought screw it and just arranged them prettily. Soz for being lazy!

These two lipsticks represent the two different sides of my personality. My make up personality that is! One part of me loves simple and classic nude while the other is like YASSSS hot pink. Very happy with both these colours!

Next up we have from left to right: anti-shine balm, strobe balm and a baked blush. These are so small and cute, they're going to be perfect for travelling! I haven't had a chance to try them out but I quickly swatched the strobe balm and the baked blush. Oh my god, the strobe balm is flipping gorgeous! The baked blush is a bit too shimmery to be a blush for me but I'm sure I can utilise it as a pink-y highlight someday.

These brushes are so cute! They're mini versions of the limited edition iconic nudes collection which I coincidentally ordered along with this advent calendar. The top one is a powder brush which I'll probably use for under the eyes because it's the perfect size and I'm not too sure what the bottom one is because they don't actually have names on them but I think I'm going to use it to apply concealer!

Right I'm not a lip gloss person. Never was, probably never will be. I hated and suffered through the lip gloss trend when I was in school and I'm actually so glad that now in my twenties that matte lips are a thing. However I'm not going to write this off right away, I'll try and team it with the hot pink lipstick when I wear it to give it a fair go!

I'm actually so glad that I bought this at the last minute because I love Makeup Revolution and I'm excited to see what else the advent calendar holds.
Have you got any advent calendars this year? Beauty or otherwise! Let me know in the comments!


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