Blogmas Day Two: The Winter Tag

One of the many paradoxes that make up my personality is that while I hate being cold, I love winter. Bloody love it! Hot drinks, warm fires and cosy socks. It’s my favourite time of year. So I thought I’d do ‘The Winter Tag’. I saw it on ThatSoBee a while back and thought I’d give some of the questions a whirl!

Top Winter Beauty Essential 
Lip balm! Bloody hell lip balm is definitely essential for me in winter. I’m terrible at keeping myself hydrated and my lips chap terribly in the cold. My favourite is Vaseline Aloe Vera or Carmex Mint but I keep a lip balm in every bag I use in a regular basis during winter so I just grab what I have at the time!

Top Winter Fashion Essential
My grey chunky knit jumper from New Look is a fashion staple for me in winter. It keeps me so warm and it has a big cowl neck so I don’t have to wear a scarf if I don’t want to. Plus grey goes with 90% of my winter wardrobe so I can always throw it in my bag and put it on if I get chilly. I’ve had it a few years so I can’t link it but New Look knitwear is pretty consistent so I’d definitely pick something up to keep yourselves cosy!

What shoes do you tend to wear most in winter? 
Right now I’m living in my chelsea boots. I’ve practically walked them off my feet at this stage but they’re so comfy that I don’t care.
Again they’re about two years old so I don’t have a link but my tip would be to invest in good boots. I’ve had cheap ones from the likes of Shoe Zone before and they don’t last out the month. Not good when there’s snow on the ground and your shoes are leaking! 

Favourite winter accessory?
Has to be my black and green tartan blanket scarf from Accessorize. God damn that scarf is the actual best. Keeps me as warm as toast and tartan is so on point right now so it’s a win win situation! 

Hot chocolate or hot apple cider?
Definitely hot chocolate. My local coffee shop does a raspberry ruffle hot chocolate that is absolutely to die for and it’s a must on a cold wintry day.

Favourite winter candle?
I don’t really have one? I love candles but I don’t buy them seasonally. I had a Yankee Christmas candle one year that I got as a present and I bloody loved the smell. It smelt like candy canes!

Snowboarding or skiing?
I’ve never been snowboarding but I went on a skiing trip with my school when I was fourteen so skiing! I wasn’t terribly good at skiing if I’m honest. I had to have extra lessons and everything. I enjoyed it but don’t know if I’d go again!

Have you ever built a snowman?
Ha, yes! My most memorable snowman was one that I made when I was a kid and my friends and I tried to put in the freezer to stop him melting! Needless to say my Mum wasn’t impressed when she opened the freezer to see Mr Frosty’s head leering out at her!

What holiday(s) do you celebrate?
Christmas is really my only winter holiday. I’m not really religious and not a fan of organised religion in general so I don’t go to chapel on Christmas Day or anything. I’m more Team Santa when it comes to Christmas! However I might not be very religious but I do value spending time with family and friends at Christmas time way above getting presents and I think that’s more important than religion? I don’t know where this answer is going but it’s getting very long winded so I’m going to shut up. 

Favourite Christmas/holiday song?
“I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”. It is without a doubt my absolute favourite Christmas song. When I hear the opening notes, I immediately start grinning and most times start singing along. This song never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit. It’s just brilliant!

What is your favourite winter treat?
Gingerbread lattes from Starbucks. God damn I love gingerbread lattes. When I lived in London, I would get so excited for the red cups to arrive in Starbucks so I could get a gingerbread latte! Now that I’ve moved home to Northern Ireland I’ve found, to my absolute delight, that my local coffee shop does them year round! So I have one almost every time I go in! It’s still my favourite winter treat though and there’s still a special thrill when I get a Starbucks one!

I tag anyone that reads this and who wants to give the questions a go but also The Sparkle Spy and Hayley from atealsoul :)

Share some of your answers in the comments! Are any of my fave winter things the same as yours?


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  1. Haha, thanks for the tag lovely. Gives me something to post today :D HAYLEY // a teal soul

  2. I love this! I'm pretty much the same person as you haha! My ankles are so swollen at the moment though I can't get into my favourite Chelsea boots haha! Sad times!
    I'm not sure if it's a festive one but have you tried the salted caramel latte's from Nero or Costa? They're gorgeous!!
    Love, Maisie x

    1. Haha great minds think alike!
      Ooh I need to try those! I love salted caramel :) x