Blogmas Fail

Holding my hands up and admitting it: I failed Blogmas.

I got thirteen posts up (not on thirteen consecutive days but we'll not dwell on that) and then I dropped off the face of the earth blogging wise. Blogmas was a very last minute decision for me and I thought I'd be able to juggle two jobs, studying, assignments AND blogging. Oh what a sweet summer child I was.

Things got on top of me, assignments and a sick family member absolutely battered my energy reserves and soaked up all of my free time. It was enough to not crawl straight into bed as soon as I got home in the evenings let alone start on my blogging to do list.

So yes, I am a failure. I failed Blogmas. However I'm not glum about it. I'm proud of the posts I put up and I really enjoyed writing them. Blogmas got me back into my blogging groove and I'm forever grateful for it. Thank you to everyone who read my posts, retweeted my links and were just absolute babes.

When I do Blogmas next year I will be prepared! I will have at least two weeks worth of blog posts written by the time December 1st hits and I will absolutely smash Blogmas!

How did you get on with Blogmas? Did you make it to the end? Let me know in the comments and link me your posts so I can read them!


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  1. I tried blogmas as well but couldn't manage it to finish because I was so busy! :(( I will prewrite some post next year so I can be prepared! 😊 Anni x