Bye 2016, Hello 2017!

Finishing off 2016 on this blog, the way I started it with my Instagram best nine collage! Feels nice to bookend the year like this plus the photos are so pretty! Let's just ignore that all but two of the photos are from my holiday in October 🙈 

In the big wide world, 2016 was a completely shit year. Brexit, Trump, over one hundred and thirty celebrity deaths; the list goes on.

Though for me, personally it was a pretty good year! A really great year actually. I got a new career direction in Digital Marketing and I'm absolutely loving it. I finally feel like I'm doing something that I'm good at and it's the best feeling. I can't wait to finish my diploma course in 2017 and really get going! 

I went on so many amazing trips with my wonderful friends. The best of which being my countless trips to Disneyland Paris, my second home, with the Disney girls, the City Of Heroes 2 convention in Birmingham where I got to meet my faves from one of my favourite tv shows and my fantastic trip to the USA and Canada in October. I fell in love with New York, did the CN Tower edge walk in Toronto and visited Chicago. So many ticks off the bucket list in 2016. 

I had so many good little moments in 2016 too. Watching tv with my family, drinking coffee with my friends, cuddling my pup in front of the fire etc. There were some big moments but there were also some great quiet moments. Which is just what I needed after the upheaval of previous years.

Hoping 2017 will be just as eventful but I know it will be great because I'm determined to make it great! I have so many plans for 2017 and by this time next year I'm hoping I'll have a few of them completed!

What were your best memories of 2016? What are you looking forward to most about 2016?


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