Blogging From My iPhone?!

Can You Blog Solely From Your Phone?

I've been really slack with blogging of late. Like really slack. I have so many ideas for posts, literally a notebook bulging with ideas, but by the time I get home from a long shift at work, the thought of opening my laptop or sitting at my iMac to write is not appealing when all I want to do is flop onto bed and pass out!

However, nine times out of ten I don't pass out! I lie in bed on my phone until I fall asleep.

Before reading this fabulous post by Beth/whatshedidx, I'd never even thought about trying to blog from my phone! But her post makes a lot of sense! And I think I'm gonna give it a whirl!

I'm writing this post on my Notes app before I head to bed. All I need to do is add some links, create a header in Canva and pop it onto Blogger for uploading. I might sound like a simpleton but it's really tickling me how easy this all seems to be.

I'm even thinking of setting myself the challenge of blogging solely from my phone for the whole month of August to see if it gets me out of my blogging slump!

Think I can do it? Have you ever blogged from your phone? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. This is genius! Also great for when inspiration strikes when you're out/on your break/stupidly late and you don't have your laptop to hand!
    Have a lovely day!
    -Cait xx

  2. Hey girl, I've started doing similar. I was putting so much pressure on myself to et professional photos but I've learned that I can do some of it from my phone. Would love you to check out my blog.

  3. I'll maybe have to start looking into doing this though I usually like to take a break from looking at any form of screen when I get home because I look at it 9-5 in work :) I must check and see if wordpress has an app available that would help out.