#NIBlogger Brunch Take Two!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re all having a great Monday! Mine so far has been fuelled by coffee and daydreams about the absolutely lush brunch I went to last week in Belfast.

Last Sunday was the second #NIBloggerBrunch event hosted by Cathy Martin of CMPR Ireland. I went to the first ever blogger brunch back in May and had such a fab time so when the invitation to the second event popped into my inbox, I jumped at the chance to go!

It was such a lovely event. It was held in the Gallery in Belfast and oh my goodness, the decor in that restaurant! It’s to die for. With decadent chandeliers and gorgeous paintings, it was a bloggers dream!

Which was good because there were quite a few of us in attendance ;)

The food that the Gallery served up was absolutely divine. Firstly we got a little melon platter drizzled with yoghurt. Then some bloody gorgeous porridge. I cannot rave enough about this porridge! It was so tasty! And the Linwoods topper? DIVINE. And the final course was scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with parma ham. I’ll admit I’m not a scrambled egg person at all but these tasted pretty good! High praise from someone who doesn’t actually eat scrambled eggs haha! Would thoroughly reccomend the Gallery in Belfast for a nice Sunday brunch with your mates!

The format of these events are quite informal. You sit and chat, eat a little food and then at intervals people get up and talk for one minute about their blog/career/business etc. One of the main things I love about these events is finding out about new bloggers that I hadn’t heard of previously! I also love getting to hear stories of how other bloggers got started, where they hope to take their blog and their plans for their content. I drink it all in because other bloggers are my main inspiration for what I do and why I want to keep going on with my blog even though sometimes life kicks my arse and I don’t get to post as much as I’d like to!

Since the last blogger brunch I’ve made so many new blogging friends and I have to say it is so lovely being apart of the blogging community in Northern Ireland because it is just such a friendly community. I am genuinely blown away again and again by how supportive everyone is to one another. All of the advice I’ve heard from this community just boils down to: Just be yourself! You do you! Focus on being yourself and doing what you’re passionate about!

Took my bestie Áine to her first ever blogger brunch!

No shade to any other blogging communities but I do think us gals and guys in Northern Ireland are the best!

Finally, I just want to say a massive thanks to Cathy and her team for putting on the brunch for all us bloggers. It’s not an easy endeavour and they work so hard to make sure that we get so much out of the brunch.

We even got a goody bag! 10 Second Tan from bPerfect cosmetics! A wee bottle of prosecco! And some lovely wee vouchers with discounts to businesses around Northern Ireland.

There is going to be another brunch in November/December time and I’m already itching to go!


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