The Red Beach Hut by Lynn Mitchell

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"Their eyes met and locked. Pulling his hand from his pocket, Neville waved. Once."
Eight year old Neville is the first to notice that the red beach hut is occupied again.
Abbott, panicked by what he believes is a homophobic cyber attack, is on the run. The
hut is his refuge and shelter.
Inevitably man and boy collide. Their fleeting friendship is poignant, honest and healing.
But Abbot's past threatens to tear him away, as others watch and self-interpret what
they see.
An evocative portrayal of two outsiders who find companionship on a lonely beach,
Lynn Michell's novel is about the labels we give people who are different, and the harm
that ensues.

An intriguing story about two characters who couldn't be more opposite in circumstances but who come together in a tenuous friendship, set against the backdrop of an idyllic seaside town. I have to say that I absolutely loved reading this book. The flashforward at the start of the novel set things up brilliantly! It lent a gripping sort of tension that keeps the reader on tenterhooks until the whole story unfolded!

I loved the contrasting POVs as the narratives switched. It would have been so easy to just have the story from the adult point of view but the story would have lost so much of its impact without the child's realistic insight. Lynn's writing is so delicately beautiful and gorgeously descriptive! She brought  the characters to life so brilliantly, Neville especially! 

At it's heart this story is about a friendship but it takes on so much more than that. It tackles many issues facing Britain today such as homophobia and how society deals with this on both sides. I would fully recommend this book! It's a thought-provoking read and you'll be glad you've read it once you finish it.

Lynn Michell
"I write, have always written, and I run Linen Press, a small indie press for women writers. It’s a fine balancing act but ever since I watched Elvira Madigan, I’ve secretly wanted to be a tight rope walker. My fourteen books are published by HarperCollins, Longman and The Women’s Press and include an illustrated writing scheme for schools, and Shattered, a book about living with ME. Those closest to my heart are fiction: Letters To My Semi-Detached Son, my debut novel set in Kenya, White Lies and my latest novel The Red Beach Hut. When not writing or editing, you’ll find me building a house and creating a landscape out of rocks in an oak clearing high above a small village in southern France. Hands on."

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