Things I'm Grateful For + BLOGTOBER!

Hello and Happy October! I am so excited for this month! This summer was not the best was it? Very few sunny days and mostly horrible rain does not a good summer make. Now that it's finally autumn, I can start wearing boots and cosy jumpers again which makes me super happy.

I also have a great trip to Vancouver coming up in a couple of weeks which I am absolutely buzzing for. It's gonna be a good month hopefully!

I also am tentatively attempting Blogtober! As regular readers of my blog will know, I am absolutely terrible at challenges/daily posting. Just look at the Instagram challenge I was meant to do for September, I failed on day three!

But I have a wealth of content planned for this month, content I am so excited about and desperate to share so I'm gonna give Blogtober my best shot!

I had a different post planned for today but I saw something on Facebook that annoyed me quite a bit. It put me in a really bad mood and had me doubting myself but after a conversation with a friend, I realised that I have a hell of a lot going for me and a lot to be grateful for.

Which in turn inspired this post!

  1.  My parents. They are my rock. I hear so many horror stories about shit parents that make me so grateful that I have two amazing people who support me unreservedly and who are honestly my best friends in the entire world. It's cliché but they really are. They're there for me in the good times and the bad. They make me laugh with their antics and they can make me cry in frustration but I wouldn't change them for the world.

  2. My friends. I am so incredibly lucky to have the most wonderful close knit group of best friends and a wonderful larger circle of friends whom I adore to bits. Group chats, coffee dates, hockey matches, nights out, conventions, holidays, Facebook posts, Twitter chats, Disney shenanigans and so much more. My life is so colourful and full because of the wonderful people I call my friends. It's mushy as hell but I'm struck almost daily by how grateful I am to have good friends in my life. I know some people say you only really have a few good friends. While that is true sometimes, over the years I've found who my real friends are and I'm bloody blessed because I have a good few of them ❤️

  3.  This is a weird one but I'm grateful for my struggles. I'm grateful for my low points. I'm grateful for every knockback I've ever had because it's helped shaped me. If you told fifteen year old me that I'd be grateful for the shit that I was going through at school with bullies at the time, I'd have called you crazy! But in a roundabout way I am grateful for even that. I'm a strong as hell woman because of every bad experience I've gone through. I might waver sometimes, I might even break but I always come back from it eventually 👊🏻

I hope you've enjoyed this little post! It got very gushy and you could probably do a drinking game with the amount of times I've said 'lucky' but I've had a massive grin on my face the entire time I've been writing this post so it's made me very happy! And that counts as a win in my book!


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