SS18 Makeup Wishlist

My name is Sarah-Louise and I am addicted to makeup. Using makeup, buying makeup, talking about makeup, watching makeup videos, I'm totally addicted. So much so that after Christmas just past I went on a makeup buying ban because I was buying and buying and buying and not using the makeup I already had. So apart from a couple of necessities for my kit (I'm an aspiring freelance makeup artist), a couple of minor slips and a temporary lift of the ban when I was in NYC because hello I couldn't not go to Sephora, I've been pretty damn good at keeping to my ban. And because I've been so good I've accumulated a list of makeup bits that I am desperate to buy when I have the funds to do so!

Fully blaming Keilidh Mua for this one. If you don't know Keilidh, she's a sch-mazing makeup artist. Like the girl has skill out of this world. She talks about these liquid eyeshadows non-stop in her Youtube videos. Liquid eyeshadow is something that never particularly interested me but seeing Keilidh use them in her looks has me hankering to try them. They just give the most gorgeous finish to the eyes. Like if you're doing a gold spotlight eye, you pop a bit of one of these onto it and it takes it to the next level. They are £23 which is a little pricey but I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and spend the cash because Keilidh makes them look so worth it!

In March, Makeup Revolution rebranded to Revolution Beauty and launched their long awaited pro line. And it is June, four months later, and I still haven't bought a single product from the new line. It pains me so much because it all looks so damn good. I'm mainly dying to try the base products. Though if I'm being honest, I'd buy the entire line given half the chance. I've been an avid fan of Revolution makeup for years. I remember them launching in 2014 and they've been changing the drugstore makeup game ever since. So many Revolution products are staples in my makeup bag and I'm sure I'll love the Pro line as well when I get around to buying products from it!
In the last year or so I've really gone off high end makeup. Too many times had I forked out cash for the latest hyped high end makeup release and for it to fall flat. It was too much money for the products to be absolutely average so I backed off from buying high end makeup and stuck to my drugstore staples. I'd heard rumblings about this product on Twitter and Instagram but it never really got my interest until I was at a makeup class one evening and one of the other students used on her model. It was ridiculous. She used it under the foundation and sweet Jesus it was like she'd whipped an Instagram filter off her phone and slapped it onto this girls face. It just gave this flawless glow to the skin. It was gorgeous. And it shot this product to the top of my 'to buy' list!

Fun fact: Benefit was the first high end makeup brand I ever tried. I was just starting to get into makeup about five or so years ago, I found a Youtube video that raved about Benefit so I went to my nearest counter and dropped some serious coin! And the rest is history 🤣 This was such a cult product back in the day that I feel a little bad that I've not tried it! I'll be honest in that I find most brow gels a little bit meh. I've never found one that wows me or that I have to repurchase. I've heard nothing but good things about Gimme Brow though! And Benefit is the brand for brows.

If you've watched any beauty Youtube videos in the last five years then you'll have heard of IT Cosmetics. So many beauty bloggers rave about this range and I've been dying to try it for years. It launched in Selfridges a couple of years back but I never got around to buying anything. Mainly because I don't shop on the Selfridges website that much! But Boots have recently started selling the brand and it's re-piqued my interest! It's a bit pricey for a high street brand but the CC+ cream is calling my name! And the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer!

One thing you should know about me is that I'm a creature of habit. Especially when it comes to my makeup brushes. I have been using the same brushes for about six years! A mixture of Real Techniques, Mac, Zoeva and AYU brushes and I hardly ever try any new ones because I know my brushes work for me! But recently I've been trying to change it up and try new brush brands. One that has caught my eye is Masqd! They've been floating about Instagram and Youtube for a couple of months and they look pretty damn good! I think I'd go for base set first but there's also a pretty swish travel set that looks like it'd be good for holidays!

What's on your makeup wishlist? Do we have some of the same wishes? If you've tried some of the products/brands I've mentioned, let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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  1. I REALLY want to try a Charlotte Tilbury product and this one is becoming a popular choice! Maybe I need a tiny payday treat...