Five Things I'm Grateful For

[Editing this because after I posted it I had no time to do Blogmas. STORY OF MY LIFE. Here's hoping for 2019]

Friends and Family

I am constantly in awe of how many wonderful and supportive people that I have in my life. No matter what I'm going through, I have the most solid network of support. And not just immediately surrounding me, I'm so lucky to have so many amazing people in my corner near and far. I am the sum of the good people that I surround myself with. I'm a pollute on Twitter when I talk about how blessed I am with the people in my life but I really am so damn blessed. 


I'm gonna get so sappy and corny for a minute, fair warning. This beautiful little girl holds my heart. My wonderful goddaughter has brought a light into my life that I didn't know wasn't there. When I see her and hold her, I'm just overcome by how much I love her and how much I want the absolute best in life for her. I'm so grateful for her because she fills me with so much love and so much joy.

New horizons

If you follow me on any of my social media, you'll have seen a few (read: nonstop) posts about the fact that I started a new job a couple of months ago. Part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop because I can't quite believe that I've been so damn lucky to land my dream job. I work with the most amazing group of women on brilliant events and campaigns. I'm doing work that not only interests me but that I genuinely love. 


I know I'm going to get a few "Really?!" head shakes for this but yes Disney is on my list. I wax lyrical about my love for Disneyland Paris quite often. It's my second home, my happy place, my light in the dark. I just feel so at peace when I walk out of security and see the pink silhouette Disneyland Hotel in the distance. It honestly feels like coming home. And I can't even begin to describe the way being at Disney and the friends I've made there has impacted my confidence and how I view myself. It's been three years since I started going to Disney on the regular and I don't recognise myself from back then. I've changed so much for the better and that's all down to the magic of Disney.


I'm most grateful for me. I'm grateful for the person that I am, the thoughts inside my head, the passion I have inside me, I'm even grateful for my low points because in the end they make me stronger. I've been battling against myself for so long that it's a relief to look at myself 
and say "Hey, you're pretty great."

Tell me some things that you're grateful for right now!

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