The Mother Hen Blog A Day Challenge: My Non-Existent Morning Routine

I took a few days off from this challenge because a) we had the busiest work week of the year last week culminating with the DANI Awards on the Friday so I needed some chill time and b) when my slight hangover dissipated I was visited by the glorious period pains fairy so my weekend was pretty much a write off. Back in the saddle now and coming at you with the next day in the challenge.

I love to sleep. I am a fully paid up member of the sleep fan club.
This ongoing love affair with sleep tends to make my morning routine non-existent in the sense that I spend it half asleep and looking like I've been dragged through a bush.

I start most mornings by shouting "SNOOZE!!" at my Alexa nine or ten times before stumbling out of bed as the realisation dawns that I have ten minutes to get ready and leave the house.

Fast forward me trying to get dressed while simultaneously brushing my teeth and dragging a comb through my hair, and I'm at the bus station.

A key part of my morning is my morning coffee. Without it, I am quite liable to murder someone before 11am. If I've had a horrible sleep the night before, my first coffee will be from the Barista Bar at the Spar across the road from the bus station. This is necessary if I'm extra tired because you can bet your buttons that without it, I will fall asleep on the bus and end up in the wrong town!

However, if I'm not feeling too zombie levels of tired, I'll grab a flat white from McDonalds on the walk in to work from the bus. I can hear the eye rolls but believe me when I say that McDonalds coffee is actually really nice! Especially the flat whites, they're addictive.

I listen to a podcast on the walk into work which I really enjoy unless it's absolutely tipping it down outside. There was a massive storm a few weeks ago and that was the morning that I slept in even more than usual resulting in running out of the house without a waterproof coat or an umbrella. Not fun.

That's pretty much my morning in a nutshell. In an ideal world, I would get up early, read some blog posts or scroll through Instagram over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and get ready at my own pace but that's just not me.

I used to beat myself up for being "lazy" and not being able to get up in the mornings. It's only recently that I've come to realise that not jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn doesn't make me any less of a productive person. I'm a night owl who loves sleep and most likely always will be.

However, I would like some time to actually have a coffee in the mornings and have a peruse of my phone. It might just be me throwing a Nescafe Instant sachet coffee into me while I frantically scroll and like photos on Instagram but it would be nice. Maybe I could make that a nice mid-year goal to attain?

Are you a snoozer like me or an early riser? If you're a crack of dawn type person please share your secrets with me haha!! I do want to try and get up a little earlier, nothing crazy but like fifteen minutes earlier? Watch this space! I could become a completely changed woman and you could be reading my "Super Duper Early Morning Routine" this time next year. Who knows?! (Safe bet is on LOL NO)

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