About Me

I've always been a writer. I've been scribbling out stories since I learned how to write. The earliest story I can remember writing is a story about a young maid who was sent to work in a scary house and then fell in love with the grumpy man who owned it. I think I was about seven when I wrote that and to my best memory, I'd never heard of or read Jane Eyre so it's mildly disturbing that I managed to rip off a very well known classic at such a young age!

I've had many a blog over the years. When I was at university I created a television and film review blog, with a couple of friends, called CandidChaos (sadly defunct now) and I bloody loved it. I loved reviewing, I loved doing interviews and I loved going to events like premieres and film festivals. After I left university and moved home the time to write got scarce and eventually I closed the site down. Which is sad because I really loved doing it but I didn't have enough time to devote to it anymore! 

I missed writing though! And I'd started following a few bloggers on Twitter so I started this wee blog. Originally it was just going to be a space for me to write out my feelings and vent. I never expected anyone to actually read it! Now I post about beauty, lifestyle, mental health and I do the odd book review here and there. I'm by no means as slick and professional as some of the bloggers out there but I love what I write and I hope you will too!

Any questions, queries or if you just want to say hi; you can find all my contact links here!