AYU Makeup Travel Set Review

After all the hype surrounding the Irish Beauty Show a couple of weeks back I was left with a mighty hankering to try several new brands that I'd heard about on Facebook and Snapchat. One being AYU Makeup. Set up by Suzanne O'Neill and Laura Maher with the aim to create and sell affordable makeup brushes that don't compromise on quality. After a recommendation from the lovely Lucy Bradley on Snapchat, I decided to purchase the travel set!

The travel set is comprised of the following brushes (pictured above L-R):

  • AYU Angled Liner brush.
  • AYU Pro Blender Brush.
  • AYU Blender Brush.
  • AYU Angled Contour Brush.
  • AYU Buffer Brush.

These are everyday essential brushes, touted as all you need to do your makeup on the go and come in a handy little faux leather pouch which is compact enough to slip into a handbag. I'm absolutely useless at doing my makeup on the go because I tend to bring a hefty amount brushes with me and juggling them all becomes quite the task. Picture a grown woman crawling around a bathroom floor in London Victoria station trying to find the brushes that have spilled out of her makeup bag. Yeah it's not the most glamorous of situations. It's this brush pack rat tendency of mine that made me slightly sceptical about whether these brushes would be enough for me.

However I'm happy to say my scepticism was unwarranted! I did a quick makeup demo on my Snapchat to take the brushes for a test run and they were fab! These brushes won't cut it for an all out glam look for a night out but they're perfect for everyday makeup! They're so soft on the skin and the shorter handles help to be more precise with your product placement and application.

I loved all the brushes but the stand out brush has to be the buffer brush! From what I've seen it's the company's most popular brush and I can completely see why. The brush provided a flawless full coverage finish in such a short amount of time. It's replaced my beauty blender for the last two weeks, that's how much I love it! And the honourable mentions of the set have to go to the eye brushes, I use the blender brush for transition & crease work and the pro blender for placing product & blending and I have a great eye look in a matter of minutes! The only niggle I have is that the buffer brush shed on me slightly the first time I used it but was fine after I washed the brushes for the first time.

I would recommend these brushes to anyone. They're absolutely perfect for everyday makeup and for sticking in your travel makeup bag. They retail at €35.99 on AYU's website and if you're in the UK I only paid approx £32 after conversion and that was including shipping! Which works out at about £6.40 a brush! Bloomin' bargain!

Have you tried this AYU travel set or any AYU brushes? Let me know in the comments :)

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