Mini Beauty Haul + First Impressions!

I love a good haul! Who doesn't love a good haul? Especially a beauty haul! Well my bank account doesn't love hauls that's for sure! Every time I watch a haul video on Youtube or read a haul post on someone's blog, I come away with a shopping list as long as my arm!

Work has swallowed up most of my free time in the last couple of months so I've sadly not had the time or energy to blog. However summer is coming and I really want to get back into blogging so I thought I'd ease myself back in by doing a good old fashioned haul post of some bits I picked up at the start of the month! I'll be including my first impressions of the products too!

The first bits I picked up are from a website called, a bloomin' fantastic beauty site based in the south of Ireland. They're a start up business that launched earlier this year but stock a really good range of products for a great price and more products are getting launched all the time! I've even got another order from them on the way as I type! Safe to say I'm hooked! Be sure to follow them on their snapchat: @TRNDBeauty to keep up to date with all their new products!

One of TRNDBeauty's cult products has to be this palette by Contour Cosmetics. The original palette is touted as being a firm favourite of Kim Kardashian. Obviously being as Irish as they come, my skin tone isn't on level with Kim K so the original palette isn't for me but thankfully they do a second palette specifically for paler skin tones! Hallelujah!

Now I've never been one for contouring. I know how to do it and when I take the time to do it, it doesn't look too bad but that's mostly when I use powders to contour. Cream contouring still baffles the crap out of me. Also being as pale as a ghost, most cream contouring palettes leave me looking like an oompa loompa! However this wee Contour Cosmetics palette is a dream come true for us pale faces! I used the bottom left colour to give myself a light contour and I was well chuffed with how it turned out! The product was really pigmented and easy to blend. It was a subtle contour but if I wanted a more dramatic contour for a night out say, I'd mix that colour with the darkest colour on the bottom right and I'd be sorted!

Now I only used one of the highlighting colours, the top right shade, but it was pretty good! Being pale of face (I apologise for saying 'pale' so much!) I find that cream highlighters don't really show up on my skin but it created a flawless base for my powder highlight so it's a winner for me!

 Lastly from TRNDBeauty I picked up this Prae Perfection Brush set by Prae Beauty.

I'd seen these sort of brushes floating around Youtube and on beauty blogs for a few months prior to purchasing these. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. The reviews of similar brushes were mixed at best and even though I'd seen people rave on snapchat about this particular set, I had a large amount of trepidation when ordering them because I don't do well with change and was worried I was spending ££ on a gimmick!

I needn't have worried though! These brushes are fantastic! I'm seriously in love with them. They're so soft and the bristles are dense enough but not too dense! I used the largest brush for applying and blending my foundation, the middle brush to apply and blend in my concealer and the smallest brush to apply and blend my cream contour. Now the biggest brush did leave slight streaks when I used it for foundation so personally for me it's better suited to applying moisturiser and primer. The middle brush is a dream for foundation & concealer and it's now a staple of my everyday make up routine! The smallest brush is the perfect size for cream contouring! Fits perfectly in the hollow below the cheekbone and blends out product evenly! I flipping love them!

The next bits are from the new Inglot store in Belfast. I bloody love Inglot and was over the moon when they opened their new Belfast store. I called in at the start of the month and picked up some essentials that I just had to have. 

The first being an Inglot 4SS brush. This brush is easily one of the most hyped Inglot brushes out there and it god damn deserves every bit of hype it gets. Big and fluffy, it's perfect for blending out a transition colour but it's also a brilliant brush for blending out concealer. Love me a brush that can multi task! 

The next thing I picked up from Inglot was actually a repurchase. I ordered a few of their HD Lip Tints online when they first launched and I immediately fell in love with shade 17. It's the perfect nude, the formula doesn't dry out my lips and it lasts all day. Ticks every liquid lipstick box! Alas I ended up smashing mine in Dublin Airport on the way to Paris a couple of months ago. I was heartbroken and very lost without it so a repurchase was absolutely necessary.

To go along with the lip tint, I thought I'd buy 854 lip crayon which is lauded as the perfect liner for 17 lip tint but sadly it was out of stock when I went in *sob*.
However the lovely girl who was helping me recommended 855 as a comparable shade and boy was she right. The two together are just a dream combination! The lip crayon is even good by itself! A lovely, creamy, long lasting formula that I can't rave enough about!

Finally I picked up a couple of products from Rimmel. Just some basics for everyday makeup. I'd already bought the Lasting Finish Concealer but in the wrong shade so I picked it up in Porcelain. Its an alright concealer on it's own but I'm not crazy about how dry it is so I tend to add a drop of Inglot duraline to make it that bit creamier and it works brilliantly.

I've been on the hunt for a drugstore foundation to use day to day to save the use of my Mac Studio Fix Fluid and I'd heard good things about the Wake Me Up Foundation so I picked it up in shade Light Porcelain. It's a good enough foundation, gives a medium coverage and a dewy finish but even the lightest shade is a bit too pink for me. However I can offset it with the Lasting Finish concealer so I'm not too fussed by this little niggle. I think it's going to be my staple foundation now that the UK is in the midst of a muggy heatwave because it's quite light on the skin!

Now I hope this wee haul post has been enjoyable and informative for you! Have you tried any of the products I've featured? Or have you picked up any interesting beauty bits lately? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I've seen those brushes everywhere and actually thought they were like a sponges rather than brushes. I'm such a noob to contouring, I get it but I just can't be bothered - haha. Also loving the lip colour, i'm such a sucker for lip products. ♥ HWY29

  2. They're definitely having their moment but I really loved using them! Makes a change from a beauty blender! Contouring is so time consuming that 90% of the time I can't be bothered at all but then again it's nice to have the appearance of cheekbones!
    You should totally check out the Inglot Lip Tints! I think they have a UK website? I know there's an Inglot shop in London!