Plans, Plans, Plans!

(Excuse the rush job header.)

I’m a planner. I like organisation. To do lists, post it notes, labels etc. I love the lot of them! Making plans and lists makes me feel like I’ve got my life in check and that I’m that little bit more control of things.

What I am not is good at following through on aforementioned plans!

Most of my lovely plans never transpire because I am just the absolute worst at succeeding at life. One prime example of this is that I had planned a whole month’s worth of Disney posts to put on here for October because I was so mega excited about my upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris but hey look it’s almost the middle of October and I haven’t posted anything yet ><.

I shouldn’t beat myself up too much because my life is mega busy right now. I’m working two days a week at my Digital Marketing job, I’m working evening and weekends at my other job and I’m studying three days a week. So yeah, while I have the best of intentions I don’t necessarily have the time to execute them!

I wanna try though! I want to be more active on this blog! I have so many posts that I’m excited about just sitting in my drafts! So I’m gonna talk you through what I’ve got planned for the next couple of months!

(What remains of) October:
I’m gonna be posting lots of Disney related posts for the remainder of October so soz if that’s not your thing but it makes me really bloody happy. I won’t get to do all the posts I wanted to do thanks to there not being enough hours in the stupid day but I’ll get some good’uns squeezed in I hope. I really want to blog more about my love of Disney. It holds such a special place in my heart and there’s so many amazing Disney bloggers out there! I wanna be one of them! *hums the start of Part Of Your World*

In precisely six days I’m jetting off on holiday to New York, Toronto and Chicago. I’m so mega excited! I get back at the very end of October so I’m going be be firmly entrenched in the post holiday blues come November ergo posts about my travels are a must. Now I’m not gonna be posting exclusively about travel but I want to start a weekly travel diary? Maybe a post on every Thursday in November chronicling my adventures? I’m in New York by myself for five whole days so I’m going to be taking photos of everything but when I join up with my mates for the next legs of the trip, I predict I’ll be having too much craic and giggles to remember to take as many photos! Hopefully I’ll come home with some great stories to tell! Watch this space!

December is my favourite month of the year. It’s trite and cliche I know but it’s my birthday month and it’s Christmas month so it’s my favourite. This year I will be attempting Blogmas! Yes, a post every single day from 1st December to 25th December. There will be a mish mash of beauty, lifestyle and Christmas posts. I haven’t started planning any posts yet but I have a vague idea of what I want to do. I love it when bloggers and vloggers post every day in the run up to Christmas, it takes my excitement level even higher! So yeah I’m gonna try and do that. I think the key to this will be pre-scheduling a lot of posts but let’s see how it goes!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek of what’s to come. I’m very excited/nervous//oh god what have I set my self up for etc. about it all. I know I’m really busy but I really love blogging so I’m going to try and find a happy medium between the two. Work to live, not live to work and all that!


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