Blogmas Day 12: Afternoon Tea At Galgorm Resort & Spa

It's a bit of a trend right now but I love going for afternoon tea. It's always just a lovely little treat that makes you feel special and swish. Recently I went with my Mum to the Conservatory at Galgorm Resort and Spa for their afternoon tea and I thought I'd share my experience for Blogmas!

Firstly, the Conservatory at Galgorm is absolutely stunning and it was gorgeously decorated for the festive season. We were shown to our seats which afforded an amazing view of the grounds. The sun was beginning to set which just made the view that wee bit more gorgeous!

There was a wide range of teas and coffees to choose from but I ended up going with a lychee herbal tea and it was delicious!

Now onto the food! The savoury selection was to die for. From left to right: brie & roasted red pepper on white bread, gammon & cheddar wrap, tuna & sweetcorn on brown bread and cajun chicken in a brioche bap with a pot of potato & leek soup at the back. They were all delicious but my favourite had to be the brie & roasted red pepper as brie is one of my favourite cheeses!

The sweet selection was just as delicious as the savoury. On the top tier you had apple panacotta with biscotti & a viennese swirl biscuit. The second tier included a coffee & Baileys macaroon, an Earl Grey & chocolate tart and a pistachio & cranberry mini muffin. And on the final tier you had a selection of plain & fruit scones with clotted cream and jam.

It doesn't look like a lot but as it always is with afternoon tea, less is more and we were absolutely stuffed by the time we finished eating. I have to say that my favourite from the sweet selection had to be the scones. Yes it makes me such a plain Jane to say that when all of the other treats were so lovely and tasty but I love me a good scone. They were fluffy and tasty and good god the clotted cream was amazing. Ten out of ten for those scones.

My mum and I had an absolutely wonderful experience at this afternoon tea. The staff were friendly and attentive, always asking if we were okay and topping up our tea for us. The atmosphere was so relaxed with live piano music being played which was just a lovely touch. It wasn't my first time having afternoon tea here and it definitely won't be the last. I would thoroughly recommend it!

Let me know about some of your afternoon tea experiences in the comments! 


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