2017 Goals

Just like everyone else on the planet I'm terrible for making resolutions for the new year, keeping to them for a week and then completely forgetting they existed. I have a lot I want to accomplish in 2017 though so instead of making resolutions, I'm setting myself some goals! So different to resolutions, right?!

Advance my career in Digital Marketing.
I'm currently studying a diploma in Digital Marketing and I have a part time job running the social media for a local company to tie in with this. I'll be finished my course and qualified in June so I'm hopeful that by the end of 2017, I'll have got my first full time job in Digital Marketing. It's going to be a hard slog and the chances of me getting a job right off the bat are slim but I'm choosing to remain optimistic! Watch this space!

Improve my general fitness.
Now this is always a sticky subject. Every year my goal has been to get down two dress sizes or lose X amount of weight etc. which I never achieve and it always makes me feel absolutely rubbish about myself. As it happens right now I am carrying a bit of extra weight and I'm a dress size higher than I usually am but this goal isn't about losing weight for once. I just want to be fitter and not be out of breath going up a hill! When I was in New York in October I felt invincible walking everywhere and I felt so fit and accomplished. However when I got back to Northern Ireland and it's hills, I realised that I wasn't as fit as I thought. This is something I definitely want to improve this year. I'm joining a gym, going out on more walks and hopefully getting myself fit enough to run/lightly jog a 5K towards the end of the year! Wish me luck because I'm a lazy sod who loves the sofa and hates getting off it!

Feel confident in a bikini no matter what size I am. 
Confession: I've never worn a bikini. In truth it's been over two years since I wore a swimsuit out in public! I like to think I'm pretty body confident on the whole. Sure there's bits of my body that I dislike and would love to change but overall I like how I look. Except when it comes to swimwear. The thought of wearing a swimsuit of any sort where people might see breaks me out in a cold sweat. It's my next body confidence hurdle to overcome and I want to tackle it in 2017. I don't care about losing weight to 'fit into' a bikini because I know that 'bikini body ready' tripe is bollocks, I just want to be ready to wear one in my own head. I have a holiday to Lanzarote in March and I hope that I'll have kicked myself up the arse enough and talked myself into wearing a bikini to the beach by then! 

Grow my blog and social media.
The latter half of 2016 was so brilliant blogging wise for me. I feel like I really found my blogging groove and rediscovered my love for it and writing. I might have failed Blogmas but I'm so proud of the content I put up and I want to keep creating content like that in 2017. I want more readers, more interaction and generally just to smash the blogging game. I also want to up my Instagram game! It's something that still absolutely baffles me! I'm not setting a numerical goal because I'll just get down on myself if I don't reach it, I just want to be able to look back at my blog and social media in 2018 and see some positive growth!

Improve my photography skills.
This ties into the above goal a little as I know good photos are key for a successful blog but it's not my main reason for improving my skills. I used to be obsessed with photography. I got my first DSLR at sixteen and it was barely out of my hand. I took photos of everything and anything that stood still long enough. However as I got older and smartphone cameras got better and better, I got lazy. I'd love to get back into photography this year and improve my extremely rusty skillset. 

Find a balance in my life, make more memories and document my life more.
Pre-2016 I'd had a couple of very turbulent years both outwardly and with my mental health. All I wanted from 2016 was for things to calm down and for time to get myself back together. And I got my wish, the first half of 2016 passed without much consequence. I worked full time, saved for my holidays, saw my friends, watched TV and so on. It was the kind of living I'd craved for ages and I was so happy to have it. Towards the end of summer this year I started to feel a bit restless and wanted some change. I found that in the form of my new career direction in Digital Marketing. Come September, everything was a whirlwind! I was on a new course, had another job and things were just pretty great! Come December and I was feeling a bit spread too thin! Working two jobs, studying full time and having one day off every other week is no joke! In 2017 I want to find a balance between excitement and calm. I want to go amazing places and do amazing things with amazing people but I also want to have days where I just curl up with my dog on the sofa and watch Netflix! All about finding that balance! I also want to be able to look back on all the moments from 2017. I didn't document the first half of 2016 too well and I'm now really bummed about that! Tag along goals with this one are make fantastic memories and document them well! 

The list could go on but I'm keeping it to these six just for now. They're few but they're quite weighty! I'll have my work cut out for me in 2017 but bring it on! 
Have you set any goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. What a great post! Like you I've decided to focus less on weight loss this year and more about being 'fitter' so to speak.. hopefully we both smash it!

    Soph x | sophieleigh.co.uk

  2. Great post lovely, I have blog stat goals written down so far but that's it really, ooh and date night every month with the boy that's it so far :D haha.

    HAYLEY || Echo Luna Luxe