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Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Blogtober day six! Let's talk Netflix! Who doesn't love a good Netflix binge? It's literally one of the things that makes me happiest in the world. Sounds corny but my happy place is being comfy and watching a good series! Doesn't have to be on Netflix though! I'm gonna be doing a mini series throughout Blogtober where I'm going to be sharing my top binge worthy picks on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV! Of course I'm gonna start with the binge king: Netflix!

The Crown
Undoubtedly one of the best shows I watched last year! An amazing cast, a witty, emotive script and stunning backdrops; The Crown has everything that makes a minseries great and then some. It's hard to pinpoint what I love most about this show but the frontrunner has to be the astounding performance that Claire Foy gives as Queen Elizabeth II. She deserves every award nomination and win that she's received for this series! 

One Day At A Time
If you watch any of the shows I recommend in this post, make it this one! This is a classically heartwarming and funny sitcom but it's refreshingly modern and diverse! It tackles issues like racism, sexism and PTSD with wit and emotion. It's not just your average family sitcom and it's beyond worth a watch!

Marvel’s Jessica Jones
Everyone and their mother knows the Marvel movies. They're smash hits and the epitome of superhero movies with gallant heroes swooping in and saving the day. Now if you'd told me that a snarky sourpuss like Jessica Jones was going to blow them out of the water in one series, I'd have laughed at you! But Jessica Jones does just that! She's the reluctant hero that will worm her way into your heart. Jessica Jones is just one of the series that Netflix has released in 'The Defenders' lineup but it is undoubtedly the strongest! 

Full House/Fuller House 
2016 was the year of the remake! One of those being the reboot of 90s hit US sitcom Full House. Most of the principle cast had made no secret over the years that they would all be up for a reunion and the fans always clamoured for a return to the Tanner household. As an avid fan of the original show, I was both excited and wary of this revisit to my childhood. I hoped against hope that they wouldn't ruin the characters I love and I was not disappointed. Fuller House blends the old and the new magnificently. I don't think a casual viewer would appreciate this show as much as a die hard fan but I still think this show is worth a recommendation!

Gilmore Girls/Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life
Was there ever a show that left fans as unsatisfied as Gilmore Girls season seven did? Well yes, quite a few actually but damn Gilmore Girls was a doozy. The original showrunners departed before the series ended and thus the original end point for the show was never realised. So many questions were left unanswered! The chief of which being what would the final four words have been had Amy Sherman-Palladino been able to write the series finale! However nine years later, Netflix would come to the rescue and give us these answers in the form of four new feature length episodes! Just like with the original series, the new episodes had their flaws but Lorelai's wit, Emily's barbs and Rory's love of books prevailed and what we loved about the show remained. And we got the final four words!

Honourable mentions include:  Riverdale, Once Upon A Time, Grace and Frankie, Shameless US, The Shannara Chronicles, The Good Wife, Merlin, Happy Valley, Reign, the list goes on! Netflix has so many bloody amazing shows! It's a veritable tv buffet! 

What are some of your favourite Netflix shows? Do we share some faves? Let me know in the comments!


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