Six By Nico Belfast Review


Two weeks ago I was invited to try out the tasting menu at new Belfast restaurant Six By Nico as part of a very special one off NI Blogger Brunch. Though this was a gifted experience, all opinions are one hundred per cent authentic and my own.

The ethos behind Six By Nico is to serve a brand new six course tasting menu every six weeks all shaped and curated to a specific theme. For the launch in Belfast they created "The Chippie" menu.
The menu is priced at £28 for six courses, with the option to add pre-meal snacks for £5. There is also a carefully selected wine pairing menu that can be added to the six courses for £25.

     Apologies for the smudge on the menu, I got a little too enthusiastic with hand gestures while I was holding a glass of wine!

I'd seen several posts on Instagram about this menu and I was absolutely dying to try it. Hilariously when I got the email inviting me along to try it out, I was frantically trying to figure out a weeknight that I could convince my Mum to come along with me to try it. The universe works in mysterious ways sometimes.

 "Fish Fingers" - Salt Cod Brandade / Brown Sauce / Bread / Whipped Butter

"Chips & Cheese" - Parmesan Espuma / Crisp Potato / Curry Oil

"Scampi" - Monkfish Cheeks / Pea Emulsion / Wild Garlic / Gribiche

"Steak Pie" - Beef Shin / Burnt Onion Ketchup / Mushroom Duxelle / Red Wine / Glazed Puff Pastry

"Fish Supper" - Cod / Confit Fennel / Samphire / Beer Pickled Mussels

"Smoked Sausage" - Pork Belly / Salt Baked Celeriac / Caramelised Apple / Black Pudding

"Deep Fried Mars Bar" - Caramelia Chocolate / Orange Sorbet / Cocoa Nib

I love food. I'm pretty sure food is my one true love followed closely by sleep and my dog. I expected to like this menu but I absolutely loved it. Their twists on the classic chippie options were fantastic. 
I liked each course so much that I struggle to pick a favourite but if I absolutely had to I would choose the "Chips & Cheese". Who knew that cheese foam was what was missing from my life? It tasted heavenly. Every course did if I''m honest. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the mussels in the "Fish Supper" course but that's just my personal preference.  

If you're a fan of fine dining you have to give Six By Nico a go. You're not just paying for delicious food, you're paying for an experience. The staff were friendly, the service was faultless, their house wine was delicious, the surroundings are lovely and the food is just next level fabulous. I will definitely be booking in for the next tasting menu.

Thanks so much to the Six By Nico team, Cathy Martin, Rumour Mill Comms and HelloSkapa for having me along. I had an absolute ball. 

If you'd like a review on the vegetarian options then my friend Áine has posted one over on her Instagram

Have you tried Six By Nico in Belfast? What were your thoughts? 

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