The Mother Hen Blog A Day Challenge: A Quote You Try To Live By

I love a good quote. I start off every Instagram post with a nice little quote that I've found on Google or a quote that I love that relates to the image. I have a lot of favourite quotes, they all depend on my mood and where I'm at in my life but there is one that is always current and one that I always come back to.

It's a Harry Potter quote, is anyone actually surprised? If anything is surprising is that it's a film quote and not a quote from the books!

In the immortal words of Meredith Grey "Not everybody has to be happy all the time. That's not mental health, that's crap."

Being happy all the time is impossible. Even the happiest, luckiest, most carefree person in the world still has their dark moments. However if you are that person and you think I'm wrong, then please hit and explain your magic to me. 

Failing that, I'm going to operate on my belief that happiness at all times is a myth. You're going to have bad days. Days where it's extremely icy outside, you have three hills to walk up to get to work, you fall on one of these hills and promptly get soaked by an idiot speeding past in a BMW. 
I have the bruises to prove that these days happen.

For so long I viewed happiness as a destination, somewhere I had to get to and something to aspire to. 

"I'll be happy when I've graduated university."
"I'll be happy when I get a better job."
"I'll be happy when I lose this amount of weight."

It's only in the last year or so that I've realised that happiness isn't somewhere to get to, unless that somewhere is Disneyland Paris, it's the little moments and feelings that happen every day.

Take yesterday post fall and soaking, I was like a bear getting into the office but the office was lovely and warm. I stood against the radiator to dry off and finished the podcast I was listening to on the walk in. Slowly but surely I felt better and happier. 

Worse things happen than a bruised ego and wet jeans, this is such a superficial example but I have been to the darkest place possible in my life and I believe there's nothing wrong with finding a little happiness or positivity in a bad situation. Being miserable isn't going to make the bad situation any better. 

Speaking for myself, I'm much happier with a positive outlook on life. I try to see the best in everyone and every situation. Sometimes it doesn't always work, I'll admit. Sometimes I slip back to a negative place but it's quotes like this one that keeps me going and spurs me on. 

There's a lot of power in words and to my mind there's no point in using that power for negativity. 

Do you like this quote? If not, what do you dislike about it? 

Remember if you want to join in on the blogging challenge, you can find all the info here.

I'm really enjoying this challenge so far. The feedback I got on my last post completely bowled me over. It was just so lovely.
I started blogging because I loved to write and it's just nice to know that what I write is well received.

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