Monthly Wrap Up #1

I've always loved watching monthly favourite videos on Youtube and I love reading monthly wrap up blog posts so when I sat down to plan out my content for April, it was only right that I kick the month off by looking back at March.

     Photo by STIL on Unsplash
March was a really busy month. We had the biggest work event of the year and it was a lot of work but so amazing in the end up. The constant feeling of imposter syndrome is starting to lift and it feels so good. I finally feel like the pieces of my life are slotting into place. My mental health has been better than it has ever been but I've also had some really low moments this month. I need to focus on the good times and stop beating myself up when I have a bad day.

March was also the month that I rediscovered my love of blogging. I had put my blog into hiatus mid-way through February with the intention of relaunching this month but ironically as soon as I put myself into a hiatus, my urge to write returned tenfold. Then Kathryn from The Mother Hen started her #MotherHenBlogChallenge and I threw all plans of waiting for a relaunch out the window. I loved posting every day that I did but a blog post a day just wasn't working with my schedule so I've pressed pause on the challenge for now. I'm so glad I did part of the challenge though because it's given me back my urge to write and create content not just for my blog but for Instagram as well. I have so much planned for this month and I'm so excited to share it!

I've been a little slack on the reading of late. I threw myself into my Goodreads 2019 challenge with gusto in January but it sort of ebbed away as February came and went. I'm forcing myself to have screen free time before bed so I can relax and read. It's not 100% screen free time as I do most of my reading on my Kindle 😅 I only managed to finish one book in March and that was An Edited Life by Anna Newton. Having followed Anna, her channel and blog for years I was so excited to read her book when it first came out. I got stuck in as soon as it was released but then the aforementioned ebbing of reading motivation happened. It was the first book I picked up when I started reading again and I finished it within days. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I loved it. It's geared towards organising the modern life, I'd say the ideal demographic would be a freelance/creative person in their late twenties/early thirties who want to streamline and organise their life. And if anyone knows me, they'll agree I definitely need some of that in my life. I found so many of the tips and organising methods so helpful. I also loved Anna's personality and voice, that she puts into her blog posts and videos, shone through in her writing in the book. This definitely isn't just another "Youtuber" book. Would definitely recommend. 

I am utterly rubbish at going to the cinema. It makes me sad because when I lived in London and had a Cineworld card I went to the cinema every other day. Now I'm home in Northern Ireland where I can get a cinema ticket for £3.50 on Crazy Tuesdays and I barely go. I am ridiculous, I know. However, I do make myself go if there's a film I'm particularly itching to see and Captain Marvel definitely falls into this category. I am a massive fan of the Marvel film franchise and I was cautiously excited to see Captain Marvel. The trailer was utterly amazing and it opened to rave reviews but I remembered thinking the same about Wonder Woman when it first came out, everyone lauded it as the second coming of cinema and I thought it was good but not holy crap amazing, and I didn't want to be disappointed again so I held my enthusiasm in check. I needn't have worried though. Captain Marvel was an utter delight from start to finish and everything I've ever wanted in a superhero film. I am so excited to see Carol in Avengers: Endgame later this month. Even if the film will break me into a million pieces.

Fleabag. New Amsterdam. Derry Girls. I can't pick just one. It's impossible. GO WATCH THEM ALL. Fleabag is genius dark comedy, New Amsterdam is addictive like Grey's Anatomy in the early seasons and Derry Girls is just the best tv show ever made because it's set in Northern Ireland in the nineties with a banging soundtrack. Go watch them. You will not regret it. Then once you've watched, come scream at me on Twitter because I love talking tv shows.
I consume a lot of content. I love watching Youtube videos, reading blog posts and listening to podcasts. So I thought I'd add a wee section here at the end to showcase content that I've been loving during the month. March has to go to Anna from The Anna Edit. I've loved following along with her daily edit of videos this month. It was the best part of my day, getting in from work getting a cup of tea and watching her newest video. Anna's content, in general,  is just really fab. She's one of the few creators from my Youtube obsessed phase in 2013 that I still follow religiously because her content has evolved and grown over the years. 

I really enjoyed writing this so I'd appreciate some feedback if you would be willing to give it 😇 And tell me some of your monthly favourites! Maybe we share some!

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