January Wrap Up

I'm reviving my wrap-up series! Yes, I was terrible at them last year but this is a new year! A new chance to not be terrible at blogging!
The wrap-ups are going to have a set format with sections where I talk about things I've done and enjoyed over the previous month. I'm rusty as hell when it comes to blogging and it's actually taken me over two weeks to write this damn blog post so if it's awks or just reads really wooden, please bear with me.
January was a long month but quiet and eventful in equal measure. I went to Disneyland Paris with the girls for a short trip at the start of the month and it was amazing. Just the thing I needed to start 2020 off right. Then I came home and dived straight into my first full month being self-employed. 
I am running my own social media marketing business. It's called Sarah-Lou Digital and it's going pretty well. I have an office, I have great clients and I'm on a flipping steep learning curve. It's not all rainbows and sparkles. Struggling with mental health like I do, it's so flipping hard sometimes because it's so much pressure. I have to be vigilant about taking care of myself while also serving my business the best I can because if I don't do that, I don't make money. It's super hard sometimes and super lonely a lot of the time but I know I made the best decision for me and I'm really excited to see where my business goes in the next year.

If you don't follow my beauty Instagram, I announced over there that I am doing a low buy 2020 on makeup. There's a full blog post coming on that but it's going great so far! I'm mainly doing it so I use up the makeup I already have before I buy anymore. However, I did get gifted a lot of makeup for my birthday and Christmas. 
I got utterly spoilt by my parents and friends and I am so so so grateful. I spent a good portion of Christmas in tears because I was so overwhelmed by their generosity. I tried a lot of new beauty stuff in January but the standouts were two Charlotte Tilbury products. My parents kindly gifted me a few Charlotte Tilbury bits and I was flipping floored. Like absolutely floored. I asked them for one of the instant looks in a palette and they then went and bought a bunch more stuff. They're ridiculous and I love them so much for it.
I posted this look on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and holy hell all the products were amazing. Like you'd think that with Charlotte Tilbury being the price point it is, some of the products wouldn't be worth the money but they really are! The standout products for me were the Gorgeous Glowing Beauty Instant Look In A Palette and the Airbrush Flawless Finish foundation. Both of these products have been on my wishlist for AGES and they did not disappoint. I'm definitely going to do a dedicated post to all the Charlotte Tilbury products I got once I've used them a bit more but so far I'm in love and the brand firmly remains in my top three.

I failed hard with reading this month. I didn't read ANY new books. I reread two books that I've read before but zero new books. My intention to read more in 2020 is going super well.

I first read this when I was eight I think and it was instantly one of my all-time favourite books. I hadn't read it in years but I was frustratedly scrolling through my Kindle library because I just couldn't stick at a book for more than two minutes, I came across this book and thought why bloody not. Then I finished it in two hours. It's just a lovely story about a young girl who brightens the world of everyone she meets. The writing is really vivid and descriptive for a children's book and I just really love it. 

Another book that I have read and reread again. If you have any interest in Instagram, I would fully recommend this book 10/10. It's not the usual trite tips and tricks that you've heard a hundred times before. It's packed full of useful and actionable advice on how to up your Instagram photography, how to grow your audience authentically and how to build a community. It's also got some of the most beautiful photography I've ever seen. Definitely worth picking up.

THIS FLIPPING SHOW. How do I describe this show? It's like Skins meets Hogwarts but SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. I honestly thought I was going to be quite ambivalent about the series because all the promos I'd seen had just billed it as British kids shagging in a completely unrealistic high school setting. And I'm not gonna lie, that is the initial premise of the show. It starts with Otis Milburn, who's mum (played by the scene-stealing Gillian Anderson) being rail-roaded into offering sex advice to his adolescent classmates but the show evolves as the series goes on to timely, poignant and quite serious topics that all teen shows should tackle. I'm really crap at spoiler-free reviews but just go watch this on Netflix. There are two seasons now and you won't regret it. 
This was my most anticipated film of 2019 that wasn't part of a franchise. Little Women is one of my favourite classic stories, I utterly adore the 1994 adaptation, Lady Bird in 2017 cemented my utter adoration for Greta Gerwig and I am a massive Saoirse Ronan fan. So this film had a lot to live up to. 
And it did not disappoint. I loved it. I bloody loved it. I loved everything about it. Everyone was brilliantly cast (even Emma Watson with her dodge American accent), the writing was perfect, the costumes were perfect, it was just everything I could have wanted. Florence Pugh's portrayal of Amy, a character often vilified but one that I've always love, absolutely stole the show with Saoirse's powerhouse performance as Jo coming in closely behind. I want this film on repeat in my brain for the foreseeable future. 

I hope this post wasn't too terrible to read. Like I mentioned at the start I am severely out of practice with blogging. I want to fix that though so if you've stuck around to the end, yay! I love you!

How was your January? Let me know in the comments or you can come chat with me in my Instagram DMs, I love chatting shit on there!

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